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I just completed option #2 – Guaranteed entry to the ING New York City Marathon for 2013 and am looking forward to my second marathon.  I want to once again thank you for your wonderful coaching for my preparation for the scheduled 2012 NYC marathon.  You made my workouts challenging and individualized to my ability.  After the cancellation, I couldn't let my training and your coaching go to waste.  I felt so ready and the Philadelphia marathon answered my marathon craving!  And now I have the 2013 ING New York City Marathon to look forward to.  I hope that I can again count on your excellent coaching skills and talents to complete my second marathon.
Ed G
56 year old first time marathoner 3:52:21

I started training in 2004 for the Montclair 10K.. At the time it was the longest distance I was training to run. I completed the race in 47:11 minutes. Fast forward a few years later, after running my 3rd marathon I qualified for Boston, which I completed in 3:10:47. I was amazed by my performance and didn’t think I could go any faster but wanted to test myself. I asked Paul to be my coach for the 2011 NYC Marathon. I had a great training. Paul provided valuable advice in helping me control my anxiety and on a weekly basis tailored my training miles to my running ability. After a successful training I was happy that I completed a marathon injury free (a condition that I hadn't experienced for all my previous marathons).

I recovered in record time and worked with Paul again in 2012 for an early Spring marathon. I thought I knew what my training routine would be but Paul added a few “surprises” that kept me engaged by changing the workouts and removed the familiarity from the previous training. This kept me totally focused. Throughout the training session, Paul always asked me how I felt before and after each workout. I am happy to say I did a PR at 3:06:46.

I worked with Paul again for 2012 Chicago marathon. I was having a hard time training through the summer, a bit too hot for me. Once again, Paul adjusted my training and his advice helped me get through some very difficult workouts. I succeeded again and was amazed at how well I ran, finishing in 2:59:29.

Paul’s coaching style works for me, he manages my miles and challenges me based on my abilities while keeping me injury free. His counsel keeps my anxiety at bay and I get the results I work hard for.

I will continue to work with Paul in the future.

 Stephen S

I have always been a procrastinator. Why tackle tasks today when you can put them off until tomorrow? In my early
thirties, this was no longer a charming quirk in my habits, and I decided to make some changes. That is when I
decided to train for, and run a marathon. The logic behind my plan was simple. No amount of last minute running
can prepare you for something as physically demanding as a marathon. My first attempt went well. I trained hard
over an eight month period and ran a 3:35:01 marathon. This was a respectable time, and I was hooked on running.
I continued to train myself, and ran eight more marathons over the next eleven years. For most of that time I was
aiming to shave my time down and break a three hour marathon. I came as close as 3:08:05, but could not get past
that daunting three hour barrier.
In 2009 I met Paul Giuliano. At this point in my life I had given up on my marathon goal. It had been three
years since my last marathon and I was reduced to a weekend-jogger. He assured me, with the right training I
could break a three hour marathon. I was skeptical, but my hunger for success was greater than my doubts. Paul
drew up a six month plan for me to meet my goal at the Chicago Marathon. And on 10/10/10, I ran a 2:59:49 in far
from ideal conditions. And the race went like clockwork. I just followed Paul's instructions and finished the
race with a smile on my face.
Continuing on, Paul trained me to better my results three months later. I was skeptical about training three
months for a marathon, but once again I was convinced by the results. I finished the Disney marathon in 2:58:25
on January 8, 2011. Paul Giuliano's knowledge, experience, and patience combine to make one hell of a trainer. I never expected to
be a better runner in my late forties than I was at any earlier point in my life. Certainly I did some of the
work, but I know I would not have the results I am seeing in races without Paul's guidance. Harold P.

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